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Kirtan Camp:​ ​(90mins-3hrs)

Please join Amah Devi for a very special Kirtan immersion! If you have ever wanted to learn to play harmonium, lead a Kirtan song, or just sink more deeply into your devotional practice, drop in for unforgettable exploration of call-and response chanting!

This is your chance to demystify the harmonium and learn to play and lead basic Kirtan chants. Bring your own instrument or play one provided and come ready to expand your Bhakti yoga practice. NO prior musical experience required!

**There will be harmoniums for sale before and after the workshop

Legends of the Hindu Deities:​ ​(90mins-3hrs)

There is a vast array of mythical deities in the Hindu tradition, and in the Bhakti Yoga practice of Kirtan, we celebrate by singing to them! In this engaging workshop, Amah Devi will share stories and songs of Shiva, Sita & Ram, Ganesh, Krishna & Radha, and more. Together we will build a greater context for understanding the colorful stories that are the underpinning of the Bhakti path. Sharing the pastimes of the deities is a rich pathway into the Heart of Devotion!

Mantra, Music, and Mindfulness– Exploring the Yoga of Sound​:​ (90mins)

There is more to yoga than meets the eye. This ancient science includes a variety of practices designed to capture our attention and engage our senses for a truly out-of-this-world experience! Come and explore the transformative power of simple mantras designed to release you from the anxieties of the overactive mind. Get back to your natural state of contentment and clarity through personal mantra practice as well as group singing (Kirtan) with this amazingly accessible meditation practice. Just below the surface of our minds, there is an undercurrent of quiet thought where we feel fully connected to the sublime world around us. Mantra practice gives us the tools to dispel the illusion of separation and create a lasting sense of calm that we can carry with us off our yoga mats and into our everyday lives.

Warrior Practice: Yoga for Resiliency:​(75 mins)

This mindfulness based, trauma informed yoga practice is modelled after James Fox’s work at the Prison Yoga Project. It is specifically designed to cultivate physical and mental resilience as well as promote Mind/Body health and support the peaceful release of negative emotions. This is a Daoist based, slow flow class with a strong focus on connection with the breath as a tool to reset the nervous system. Suitable for all levels.

Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga:​ (90mins)

Bhakti Vinyasa is a practice infused with mantra, chanting, and pranayama breathwork designed to allow you to access the Light within your own heart. Take your asana practice deeper as we flow through sequences designed to remove the obstacles in our lives preventing us from embracing our truest selves! Work deep within poses to prepare the body to receive the maximum combined benefits of movement and meditation. This is a practice with live music suitable for all levels of yoga student.

Live Music Yoga: (accompanying a teacher from your studio)​ (up to 2hrs)

Prepare yourself for a passionate journey of Sanskrit mantra, Kirtan, and spontaneous sound healing! The music of Amah Devi will help guide your asana practice towards the Divine right here, right now… in your amazing human body. Her rich, earth-toned invocations will help infuse your practice with a constant sense of devotion and inspire strength & stamina for a fully embodied, devotional yoga practice.


● Individual Workshop:  $15/student (based on 60/40 split with studio at $25 per/sign-in) -Guaranteed minimum of $100.

● Live Music Yoga: $5/student or TBD split with teacher

● Weekend Bhakti Immersion- Friday-Sunday:  3 workshops & a Kirtan Concert + Live Music Yoga or Bhakti Vinyasa -60/40 split with a guaranteed minimum of $500 for the weekend

● Private Harmonium Instruction: Regular rate $45/hour–$60/2hrs -$25/student per hour for 2 or more. Studio can provide the space for a 20 % commission