Bhakti on a Mission



In 1977, Ma Jaya Sata Bhagavati created Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida.  Named after the ancient city of Kashi in India where people have come for thousands of years to seek liberation at the time of death, Kashi is an Interfaith community like no other. Located on 80 acres, Kashi has shrines and temples dedicated to many of the world’s great spiritual traditions.

Before her death in 2012, Ma Jaya was a fearlessly outspoken and unapologetic AIDS activist.  She unhesitatingly put her time, artistic efforts, and energy into supporting the disenfranchised.

Ma Jaya told all who come to her ashram that what is practiced there was not a religion, but if there was a religion that is followed, it was the religion of kindness.  She said:  “I am a Jew and I will always be a Jew – a Jew who bows to the feet of my Christ; a Jew who is a Hindu and follows the monkey god of service, Hanuman; a Jew who loves the true tantra of man into God; a Jew who is a devotee of Mother Kali; a Jew who is the disciple of Neem Karoli Baba; a Jew who worships the Buddha and tries to follow his life of compassion, love, and kindness; a Jew who listens to the ancient teachings at the feet of one of the Sikh gurus, Guru Hargobind.”

Jai Jai Ma!

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The highest level of emotional intelligence or emotional literacy is sensate, getting past your mind and relying on your senses to tell you what’s going on in your body. When you develop a close relationship with your own sensitivity, you are less apt to violate another. This is empathy. And empathy, when encouraged, leads to compassion. Gradually, the cycle of violence is interrupted. The objective of the PYP is to provide prisoners with a mindfulness tool to draw on their yoga practice when they’re not doing yoga. If they’re tangled in a confrontation on the yard, or upon release, or tempted to go back to using, they can draw on what they have learned from yoga for practical solutions. They can do it without actually having to do a yoga pose to get the value. That’s the transformational, rehabilitative value of yoga.  ~ James Fox M.A. Founder and Director

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Connect with my dear loves, Lobo Marino from Richmond, VA! They send 100% of their Bandcamp proceeds from this beautiful song to a music school in Varinasi, India, where their friend Raavi has a musical training program for children living in the city’s most economically challenging areas. Lobo Marino has intentionally chosen to donate their music in service to this children’s music program in India.

This beautiful video, filmed at Yogaville Satchinananda Ashram in Virginia was made to draw attention to the issue of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This ACP, when completed, would run natural gas from Harrison Co., West Virginia to Greenville Co., Virginia, then down to eastern North Carolina. The pipeline would run straight through Yogaville’s land, and a pressure station, which helps move the gas through the pipe, is also proposed near by.

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Mystical Kirtan with Mirabai Moon & Amah Devi closing down the

Bhakti Garden Stage at Lovelight Festival in Darlington, MD

Blessed we are to dance on this ground…the rhythm of Saints to carry the sound.

Hold a prayer for the earth and the ones yet to come

May you walk in beauty and remember your song.

Remember why you came here, remember your life is sacred

Remember why you came here, remember ALL life is sacred

**with gratitude to Peia Luzzi, sister song-keeper**

I hold this offering as part love song, part battle cry.  And as a reminder to protect and honor those who came before us. Native American religions and spirituality are rooted in the land.  Sacred sites often provide the physical foundation for a tribe’s creation stories, the thread that connects each new generation to their ancestors and knits them into the fabric of tribal culture and identity.  The protection of Native sacred sites, and defending the ability to conduct rituals and ceremonies at these sites in privacy and without disruption, are therefore vital to maintaining and passing from generation to generation the distinct identities, traditions, and histories of Native peoples.
The use and protection of sacred sites is not merely a cultural or spiritual concern.  It is a human right that has been identified and protected by international law.

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Get swept up in the wild-heart of sweet Dustin Thomas, an advocate for both social and environmental justice.! Dustin uses his platform to inspire both awareness and consciousness about important issues and writes music that encourages all people from all walks of life to work through the hard times, appreciate the good times, and ultimately to love themselves, love the planet, and love each other.

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Kunga Yoga teacher, Narayani, has been stirring hearts and inspiring her audiences to reach greater heights of love and devotion for several years now. Keep your eyes and ears out for this rising Kirtan star! Click HERE for more information about her yoga and music offerings up and down the East Coast in 2018!


Please take a moment to connect with beautiful sounds of my dear friend and teacher, Michael Johnson & Clearlight Yoga. This entire album was composed at 65/130 beats per minute to serve as a reference for maintaining steady ujjayi breathing during yoga practice.  Samadhi offers a variety of empowering mantras for inner alignment and world peace. Click on the cover to hear for yourself!


Check out my friend Paul Izak, setting the foundation. This simply beautiful song was inspired by the work of Daniel Anthony and the Mana ‘Ai ohana who are teaching the community to feed themselves and their families by bringing back the hawaiian practice of pounding kalo to make Pa’i’ai and poi.

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