About Amah Devi

I have always been something of a gypsy songbird with a tendency towards domesticity. And a craving for adventure.

So my natural inclination is to take my home on the road. Find me at yoga studios, community events, music festivals, and conscious gatherings all over the country. No matter where I am calling home, we can feed each other, kindle a hearth-fire, make clothing, make medicine, make music together…We can learn crafts and share them-we can write love poems and live them…We can grow food, homes, and healthy bodies. We can engage with the elements. We can make change.

And as we move through the beautiful riddle of our lives, we find others on the path who are doing the same.

We’re all in this together

As a Bhakti yoga teacher, I strive first and foremost to help my students cultivate a practice that balances physical strength, mental well being, and dedication to the Eight-Limbed path of Yoga. Mantra music allows me to connect with my yoga students from the heart.  I have a background in classical piano and West African drumming which provide the base for my eclectic style.  From traditional ecstatic mantra music, to soul-searching earth songs, to hip-hop and R&B, to the dynamic rhythmic drone of Kirtan-electronica, every offering I share is different. The music I make is my medicine. My passion for sacred song drives my inspiration to bring together rooms full of yogis; singing, dancing, chanting, clapping, and losing ourselves in moments of pure bliss.

At home in Asheville, NC, I  make regular Community Kirtan offerings. For my montly music event at West Asheville Yoga, I collaborate with different musicians every month, making space for emerging Kirtan wallahs to lead the Sangha alongside touring artists and seasoned professionals. Each offering has its own unique flavor and feel; each gathering melts the sense of separation between the self and the Eternal Self.